Terms & Conditions

This document contains Terms& Conditions governing all candidates undergoing the process of registration and agreeing to utilize the services of Yuvaan Infotech. This website, the entire content and the photographs published on it are the sole property of Yuvaan Infotech.

Any use of the website and the services of the company are subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. All job seekers hereby give their consent to these terms and conditions. We urge all visitors to read these terms and conditions carefully as our services are available only to those candidates who agree to the terms and have singed legally binding contract with the company.

All disputes pertaining to availability or lack of job are subject to Lucknow jurisdiction. We do not provide any kind of placement guarantee to the candidates undergoing registration. Solidaukri.com makes its best efforts to find a decent job according to the academic and professional qualifications of the candidate. However, we are not responsible in any way if the candidate does not receive a placement on account of the following. Placement of candidates is based upon their qualifications and performance and the criteria companies are using for their selection.

  • The documents and the information provided is wrong, incorrect, or incomplete
  • Candidate fails to submit the necessary documents within the deadline
  • Candidate does not turn up to face the interview on the specified day and time

Candidates must remember that the number of jobs, their locations, salaries, and other terms and conditions are fixed by the government and the employers and we have no role in setting or changing them. We are helpless in case the location of the placement is not to the liking of the candidate.

Privacy Policy

All information provided in this website is correct and given only for the purpose of knowledge of the visitors. At Yuvaan Infotech, we make our best efforts to ensure the privacy of the personal details shared by our members. No information about the candidates is shared with any third person or vendor. We never divulge the contents of our data base with any other placement agency.

We make use of cookies to be able to provide better services to our members and visitors. By continuing to use the website, you hereby agree to ore cookie policy and give your consent to it.


Yuvaan Infotech is not liable for the loss of any document or the job profile submitted by the candidate to us. The company makes sincere efforts to get placement for all its members but it becomes helpless in cases where the candidate is caught cheating or using unfair means in the exam or interview. We have no control over candidate life history and the subsequent loss of job on account of any incident in the life of the candidate in the past.

We treat the information provided by the candidate as true and take no responsibility for the loss of job if the company finds the information inaccurate or false later on. We request ever candidate to give correct and true information only as it is crucial not just for his selection but also the whole future.